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Learning by Reading and Doing

The group investigates the impact of new technologies via a vertically integrated approach. On the one hand it identifies and describes emerging applications based on the general idea of an Internet of Things, e.g. how new mini-computers in cars might change the way insurance companies calculate risks, or how new mini-computers in a shower might change consumers’ warm water consumption.

On the other hand, the researchers theorize on potential implications at the behavioral and business model levels among others. These theory-based implications are then formalized into models that can be tested by experiments. Through this process, the research team often develops new technology, e.g., a mobile phone application that captures driving behavior or a micro-turbine that fits into a shower hose and powers an embedded computer that measures the water flow rate.

Combining Computer Science with Social Science

As a consequence, the research group combines several disciplines ranging from electrical engineers, computer scientists, and management researchers to psychologists, uses various research methods, from prototyping to large-scale field experiments, and publishes in various disciplines, from computer science to marketing and psychology.


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