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The culture of the team supports research spin-offs. Below find a list of spin-offs that were founded by members of the chairs of Prof. Fleisch.

qipp AG

With, qipp offers the standard engine for post purchase & sharing services for all things people care for. Be it a guitar, a bottle of wine or a heating installation, qipp handles all product related information and all relevant post purchase services to make the life of consumers easier and more fun - while at the same time enabling businesses to establish long term relationships with consumers via their products.  

Founded 2012,

Cosibon AG

Cosibon revolutionizes loyalty management in retail leveraging the power of digital receipts and analytics

Founded 2012,

BEN Energy AG

BEN turns energy saving into a fun, effective and efficient endeavor

Founded 2011,

  42Matters AG

42Matters is pioneering mobile app-discovery

Founded 2011,

  Amphiro AG

Amphiro adds a new level of comfort and control to water taps and shower installations. Amphiros' patent-pending technology displays the amount of water taken from a tap in an appealing way, aiding admeasurements and helping to conserve drinking water and energy. Amphiro sells the measurement units to OEMs, addressing the after-market in a second step.

Founded 2009,

  Dacuda AG

Dacuda develops and markets proprietary, patent-pending technology for enabling fast and intuitive document scanning with handheld devices. Dacuda follows the business model of licensing its technology to OEMs and hardware companies and then offering applications for the hardware platforms they develop. 

Founded 2008,

    Coguan AG

Coguan is a market place for online advertisement in Spain.

Founded 2008,

  Synesix Solutions AG

synesix is a consulting and developing company focusing on new smart services and highly scaling Software-as-a-Service platforms in B2B2C business models. Business partners of synesix use its platforms to complement their existing product portfolios in next to no time with additional smart solutions that make sense to their end customers.

Founded 2005, and

  Intellion AG

Intellion is an innovation leader for wireless smart automation and logistics solutions that support and control manual processes in industrial environments. As a key innovation driver we use the latest Ubiquitous Computing (UC) technologies, such as RFID, sensor and localization as well as display and communication technologies. 

Founded 2000,

Start-up Initiatives

The start-up support organizations and initiatives were founded or supported by the chairs of Prof. Fleisch.

  Swiss Start-up Monitor

The Swiss Start-up Monitor is a non-profit, scientifically backed initiative founded by the Information Management Group at ETH Zurich, Institute for Technology Management of University of St. Gallen, Center for Economic Sciences of University of Basel as well as the Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI, Gebert Rüf Stiftung, and AVINA Stiftung. Our mission is to generate quantitative data and insights on the development of the Swiss start-up scene to make start-ups an everyday topic and to lower the barrier for knowledge exchange between start-ups.

  ETH Entrepreneur Club

The Entrepreneur Club is a student driven initiative at ETH Zurich to bring entrepreneurial-minded people together and to foster entrepreneurship among students.

Alexander Ilic is serving on the Advisory Board of the ETH Entrepreneur Club.


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