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Ho, Edward, Dr.

Edward Ho

ETH Zürich
Dr. Edward Ho
Information Management
WEV G220
Weinbergstrasse 56/58
8092 Zuerich

Phone: +41 44 632 47 04

Dr. Edward Ho completed his PhD at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich), Switzerland is part of the Auto-ID Labs ETH Zürich / University of St. Gallen.

Edward's background in sensors, algorithms and feedback developed his research interest in using ubiquitous computing and concepts from social psychology to influence consumer behavior. Prior to his doctoral studies, Edward has worked for several years in numerous engineering positions including as a trainee at Alstom Inspection Robotics (a start-up specializing in automated mechanical inspection) in Switzerland, as a field engineer in Schlumberger (an oilfield services provider) in Canada, and as a researcher at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany.

He obtained his MSc in robotics (MSc ETH Robotics, Systems and Controls) at ETH Zürich. His thesis focused on algorithms for robot-assisted rehabilitation of injured patients. His BSc in engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada focused on mechatronics - the intersection of sensors and algorithms.


For his research, he is working with the European Union FP7 lighthouse project Internet of Things Architecture (on business applications of the internet of things), startups Cosibon AG (on in-store consumer influence) and GS1.

Research Interests


Ho, E., Kowatsch, T., Ilic, A., The Sales Velocity Effect on Retailing, Journal of Interactive Marketing 28 (4), 237-256. [PDF]

Ho, E., Ilic, A., Enabling Mobile-IoT Driven Marketing with High Resolution Analytic Models, A Poster at IoT 2014. [PDF]

Ho, E., Ilic, A., Digital Receipts: Fostering Mobile Payment Adoption [PDF]

Ho, E., Ilic, A., Towards High Resolution Identification of Variety Seeking Behavior, European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) 2014, Tel Aviv, Israel. [PDF]

Fiedler, M., Bui, N., De Loof, J., Ho, E., Liekens, W., Magerkurth, C., Mättig, B., Salinas Segura, A., Sperner, K., Stefa, J., IoT-A Deliverable D7.5 Validation Report, EU FP7 Project no. 257521: Internet of Things Architecture (IoT-A). [PDF]

Salinas Segura, A., Ho, E., Bauer, M., Fiedler, M., Hinkelmann, M., Magerkurth, C., Vicari, N., Walewski, J., IoT-A Deliverable D6.4 Final validation report, IoT-A Deliverable D6.4 Final validation report. [PDF]

Ho, E., Jacobs, T., Meissner, S., Meyer, S., Monjas, M.A., Salinas Segura, A., Enabling Things to Talk - Designing IoT solutions with the IoT Architectural Reference Model (Chapter 12: ARM Testimonials) [PDF]

Ho, E., Apostu, S., Michahelles, F., Ilic, A., Digital Receipts: Fostering Mobile Payment Adoption, Fourth International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence (AmI-2013), Dublin, Ireland. [PDF]

Nettsträter, A., Bauer, M., Boussard, M., Bui, N., Carrez, F., Giacomo, P., Haller, S., Ho, E., Jardak, C., De Loof, J., Magerkurth, C., Meissner, S., Olivereau, A., Serbanati, A., Thoma, M., Walewski, J., IoT-A Deliverable D1.3 - Updated reference model for IoT v1.5, EU FP7 Project no. 257521: Internet of Things Architecture (IoT-A). [PDF]

Pastor, A., Magerkurth, C., Ho, E., Salinas Segura, A., Martin, G., Sainz, I., Vicari, N., IoT-A Deliverable D6.2 - Updated Requirements List, EU FP7 Project no. 257521: Internet of Things Architecture (IoT-A). [PDF]

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Bui, N., Ho, E., Kernchen, R., Bernant, J., Olivereau, A., Walewski, J., Nettsträter, A., Bauer, M., Giacomo, P., Haller, S., IoT-A Deliverable D1.1 SOTA report on existing integration frameworks/architectures for WSN, RFID and other emerging IoT related technologies, EU FP7 Project no. 257521: Internet of Things Architecture (IoT-A). [PDF]

Ho, E., Bassi, A., Kernchen, R., Meyer, S., Salinas Segura, A., Pastor, A., Riedl, J., IoT-A Deliverable D6.1 Requirements List, EU FP7 Project no. 257521: Internet of Things Architecture (IoT-A). [PDF]



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