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Master thesis - Foraging behavior in Criminals: an agent-based model

Can offender behavior be represented in an agent-based model inspired by foraging theories? Can criminals learn where to offend by behaving as foragers and optimizing their search mechanisms? Read more 

What can Smartphone Apps learn about their Users, using Big Data and Machine Learning?

Our vision is to create smartphone apps that know their users well and can therefore support them with their personal development goals or dealing with chronic illness. Are you interested in exploring how well exactly your smartphone could get to know you? Read more 

Requirements for Crime Prediction Models

The aim of this master thesis is to outline the requirements of a crime prevention IS for the police. More specifically, what are the needs and expectations of the different roles within the police force (e.g. analyst and dispatcher) in respect to crime prediction models in production. Read more 

Machine Learning for Crime Prediction Models

The aim of this master thesis is to develop a crime prediction model based on a substantial set of socio-demographic, spatial and temporal features describing the structure and dynamics of Swiss/American cities. Read more 

Predicting Companies Growth using Website Information

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play an important role in the economy of many countries. To support SMEs at improving their competitiveness, we aim at building a SME growth prediction model using Web data. Therefore, various Data and Web Mining techniques are studied and applied. Read more 

Master thesis proposal: Predicting companies success with the help of online ratings

The brick-and-mortar financial industry is becoming under pressure from its e-commerce and increasingly non-financial competitors. Customers request an increasingly more extensive and better service. This project is about building the foundation of such a service. Read more 

Development of an Application Enabling Separation of Audible Symptoms for People with Chronic Diseases

This thesis centers around the development of a Machine Learning application enabling the localization of human sounds in a silent environment. Read more 

Step Prediction

This master thesis aims at writing a smartphone application that can predict how many steps a smartphone user will do on the next day. Read more 

Right or Wrong? If I say I will use a technology, I will do so in the future.

Is there an intention-behavior gap in information systems research? A meta-analysis based on evidence from technology acceptance studies Read more 

Bus Usage Prediction

This master thesis aims at developing a smartphone application that can predict, whether someone is sitting in a bus and at which stop the passenger will leave the bus. Read more 

Analyzing Interruptibility from the Student Dataset

This master thesis aims at analyzing a dataset collected on smartphones of American students. Of particular focus is when and under which conditions people use their smartphone. Read more 

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